Wedding photographers: this is what can happen when you get featured on Offbeat Bride

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Photo by Junshien Lau

Last week we featured Junshien Lau’s photos of a Stephanie & Jonathan’s Calvin and Hobbes wedding. Then what happened? Well, we’ll let Junshien tell you:

That wedding was published in Offbeat Bride! The post was then picked up by Neatorama and Nerd Approved, and then started trending on Buzzfeed, and then was retweeted by @joshgroban … Steph and Jon are now internet famous! 😀

[Read Junshien’s full post]

IMG_8992I’ve seen this happen again and again and it’s always freaking awesome when it does! My personal favorite was when this sponsored post about a Star Wars wedding shot by LA photographer named Justin Winokur ended up on Wired, with Justin saying he got calls from journalists all over the world.

Obviously part of what makes these posts go viral is the sheer awesomeness of the weddings — both of these examples have pop culture references with established fan-bases. But part of it is just that for better or for worse, bloggers and journalists watch Offbeat Bride as a source for human interest stories. (I say “for worse” because some of my media colleagues have different values than I do about attribution, which can be frustrating — although always educational!)

This is part of what makes Offbeat Bride such a thrill to publish — not only is the readership wide-spread (500,000+ of you a month!), intelligent, international, and generally awesome, but it includes some media movers and shakers who can help the photographers we love get their work seen around the world.

Oh and PS: If you’re a photographer who wants to see if you can get Josh Groban to retweet your work (HA!), you should totally book one of our sponsored posts. …Like, today. Before we’re booking them into May.

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  1. I saw this picture here first and then saw it a few days later on a wedinator (a failblog site). I felt like a crazed fan all “I know this wedding! Can I have your autograph!” Haha

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