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How to report a crappy ad

Historically, I’ve tended toward native advertising (which means placement we sell ourselves, like Offbeat Bride’s Vendor Guide listings or vendor spotlights)… but these days we’re shifting more toward serving up ads delivered by ad networks (banners that are sold and delivered by third party companies). What this means for y’all, the Offbeat Empire’s readers, is that sometimes you might see ads on the Empire that are fucking gross… that we didn’t sell, and don’t even know are there!

How to slowly kill a website you love

Last week on Offbeat Home & Life, we published a sponsored post about gender-neutral baby clothes, angled toward the gifts market. Within a couple hours, several readers commented on Facebook and the post itself that the products featured were out of their budgets — which I totally understand and respect. I’m less understanding toward readers feeling the need to post insulting comments when they can’t afford a product.

Why Tribesmaids forget about the Offbeat Bride blog (and how it hurts the site)

Six months ago, I promised Offbeat Home & Life readers a forum, and a few readers have been asking what’s going on with that. Here’s the deal…

“I had a 38,000 dollar return on investment from advertising with Offbeat Bride”

Tax season doesn’t normally bring me many smiles, but in the case of this testimonial from an Offbeat Bride advertiser… somehow tax season doesn’t seem so bad…