“I had a 38,000 dollar return on investment from advertising with Offbeat Bride”

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Tax season doesn’t normally bring me many smiles, but in the case of this testimonial from an Offbeat Bride advertiser… somehow tax season doesn’t seem so bad…

Hi guys! I just did my taxes, met with my accountant, and looked over my stats. Check this out:

Advertising regularly with Offbeat Bride has been a key to my studio’s long-term success. In the past four years, I’ve spent a grand total of $7,000 on advertising with Offbeat Bride. I’ve booked about 50 weddings with Offbeat Bride readers in that time.

After I deduct my cost of goods expenses and account for my travel expenses to get to my offbeat weddings, my net income has been around $80,000 in four years. The advertorials have become more effective over time. I had a $38,000 return on investment in my third year of advertising compared to about half that in my first year. Overall, my business’s gross income has increased between 3-5% every year since I’ve been advertising with Offbeat Bride, for a total growth of about 17-20% since I became an Offbeat Bride vendor. Clients are already booking in 2014.

Back in 2009, I was delighted when I got a deposit within 48 hours that paid for my first advertorial’s cost. I couldn’t believe how fast the ad paid for itself, but I never could have imagined how this community could help my business grow. I quit my day job, built a home office, and stayed in the black every year during the worst economic crisis of my lifetime, all while working with clients I love.

Thanks for being the “farmers of my awesome blossom!” No, really. THANK YOU. A LOT.

I’ve said it many times before, but I’ll say it again: one of my favorite things about the work I do with the Offbeat Empire is that my business helps other small business owners realize their dreams. Yes I like helping couples plan their awesome weddings, and yes I love learning about my readers’ subcultures and micro-niches… but it’s really, REALLY gratifying to know that advertising on my websites can help small business owners quit their day jobs and shift their lives to be more creative and more fulfilling. When the times get tough, these are the warm fuzzy feelings that sustain me.

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