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Vendors: maximize your ROI with inclusive marketing materials

While we almost never decline an advertiser for having marketing materials that are “too traditional,” I do want to make sure wedding vendors looking to appeal to nontraditional clients know that if your website is too traditional, you may not see a solid return on investment when you reach out to nontraditional couples.

How to handle affiliate post disclaimers… when EVERY post is an affiliate post thanks to Skimlinks

Let’s talk about how the Offbeat Empire disclaims affiliate content as transparently as possible — and where we might have room for improvement.

How to slowly kill a website you love

Last week on Offbeat Home & Life, we published a sponsored post about gender-neutral baby clothes, angled toward the gifts market. Within a couple hours, several readers commented on Facebook and the post itself that the products featured were out of their budgets — which I totally understand and respect. I’m less understanding toward readers feeling the need to post insulting comments when they can’t afford a product.

Comparing blog placement results: sponsored post vs. editorial feature

When we talk to vendors about doing sponsored posts, we often hear them say that they don’t want to do a posts that’s sponsored — they’d rather be featured in “real” editorial content, in the form of a wedding porn photo posts. So, here’s the question: from a vendor’s perspective, which kind of post performs better?