Offbeat Empire LLC is a Seattle-based publishing company that’s reached over 70 million readers since its founding in late 2007. We produce books, websites, downloadables, online courses, and other media supporting non-traditional folks going through traditional life transitions. Founded by author and entrepreneur Ariel Meadow Stallings, the Empire aims for inclusivity, depth, and empowerment… while keeping a keen sense of humor about ourselves and our work.

Offbeat Bride is now Offbeat Wed

Hi, everyone. Ariel here, author of three editions of the Offbeat Bride book and owner of Offbeat Empire LLC. And as of September 2022, I’m the publisher of Offbeat Wed, the new name of Offbeat Bride.

From Sh!tshow To Afterglow, published July 2020

The new book from Offbeat Bride author Ariel Meadow Stallings is here to hold your hand while you cry, and then help you put your life back together. Filled with raw, personal stories and practical, research-backed advice, From Sh!tshow To Afterglow will help you overcome personal trauma through creative self-development.

Offbeat Bride 3rd edition, published September 2019

Think about what you were doing 15 years ago. Think about who you were, the choices you were making, and the ways you talked about those choices. Think about your motivations and your priorities. How was who you are now reflected in who you were then? How did you think differently than you do now? How can you look back and see the ways that the choices that you made then, played out in where you’ve ended up now?

PROS BEFORE BROS, art book / jewelry pairing, released January 2019

WTF is Pros Before Bros? A self-publishing experiment. A proof of concept. An ode to therapeutic sex work. A self-directed MFA project. An exercise in collaboration with other women-owned businesses. An exploration of the intimacy between readers and an author. A playground for me to fiddle with concepts of tangibility, valuation, packaging, and artist process.