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Wedding industry advice

Ever heard of this phrase “The WIC”? It stands for “wedding industrial complex,” and it’s the icky part of the wedding industry. The Offbeat Empire, however, is working to rock out a small niche corner of the wedding industry. For our fellow non-icky WIC types, we’re here for you with advice and guidance. Be sure to join our vendor newsletter for insider deals and best practices!

Vendors: maximize your ROI with inclusive marketing materials

While we almost never decline an advertiser for having marketing materials that are “too traditional,” I do want to make sure wedding vendors looking to appeal to nontraditional clients know that if your website is too traditional, you may not see a solid return on investment when you reach out to nontraditional couples.

Offbeat Bride mentioned in Mobile Beat Magazine

Offbeat Bride was featured recently in Mobile Beat Magazine, an industry publication for DJs, VJs, and KJs. The post was written by a longtime Offbeat Bride vendor, Staci from Revolution Weddings. It’s always so great to hear when our vendors have such a great experience with us that they want to share it with other folks in their industry!

How to get the most out of your Offbeat Bride Vendor Listing share count

One of the changes that we made to listing pages was adding the same Jumbo Share counter that we have on the blogs. It’s that thing right under the title of all blog posts and vendor listings that shows how many times the page has been shared on Social Media. I was super stoked about getting this added to Vendor Listings — it makes it so much easier for couples planning their weddings to bookmark a listing with Pinterest, or share it with their partner via Facebook. I wanted to share a few ways that vendors can really make the most of that share count.

How not to woo clients: insult your potential clientele online

This morning we posted a wedding on Offbeat Bride about a woman who built her wedding outfit using clothing she wore on her first date with her husband. The post immediately went viral on Facebook, garnering a thousand likes and 80k views in a couple hours. Inevitably, there were a ton of comments too, including this one…