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Offbeat Bride was featured recently in Mobile Beat Magazine, an industry publication for DJs, VJs, and KJs. The post was written by a longtime Offbeat Bride vendor, Staci from Revolution Weddings. It’s always so great to hear when our vendors have such a great experience with us that they want to share it with other folks in their industry!

Offbeat Bride

I can’t say enough good things about Offbeat Bride. They focus on practical wedding advice, real-world information (ie, how to pee unassisted while wearing a wedding dress), and, as they call it, “wedding porn” — beautiful wedding photography.

So you don’t have blue hair and an eyebrow ring? No worries. Offbeat Bride is for couples that don’t want to have a cookie cutter wedding experience and may not fit into the traditional demographic other blogs target (such as same-sex couples, interracial couples, older couples, couples who already have children, and—yes—blue-haired couples.)

I also appreciate that I can subscribe to Offbeat Bride via email (no RSS required) and have it delivered straight to my inbox. Be sure to sign up for their brand-spankin’ new segment “Offbeat Industry,” about which Ariel Stallings, the blog’s founder, spoke at the 2014 Wedding MBA.

Read the full post.

Thanks for the mention, Staci! And as for Offbeat Industry… we’re in full throes with the Lovesick Expo for the next month, but then we should have some news about what’s next coming soon…

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