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Taint week 2014: The power of the taint is strong

I’ve written many times over the years about how I make the most of “Taint Week,” the editorial dead zone between Christmas and New Years. Since it’s one of the slowest news weeks of the entire year, I noticed back in 2012 that we seemed to have our stories picked up more frequently by the mainstream media when there’s nothing else going on.

“Hmm,” I thought to myself.

Weeping angels and taint weeks: behind Offbeat Home & Life’s highest traffic spike ever

While y’all were off enjoying your long holiday weekends, Offbeat Home & Life was busy having its highest week of traffic EVER. Forget fucking basil, you guys… Offbeat Home & Life’s traffic spike was all about making Weeping Angels out of hacked up Barbies

Offbeat Bride’s weekly reach: Facebook vs. our own website

Here’s a mind-blower for you: Offbeat Bride’s weekly reach on Facebook is now about 370k people. Our weekly reach on our own website is about 250k people. This means that Offbeat Bride is now reaching more people via Facebook than we are via our own website.

Offbeat Families traffic 6 months later: it’s all about scandal, sex, and sadness

Here are the site analytics for Offbeat Families, six months after we ceased publication. This traffic is mostly Facebook-driven, and the sad truth is that the posts that seem to do best over there are always the most Jerry Springer-ish…