What do people search for on Offbeat Bride?

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Distinct queries per day
I spent some time peeking at my Google Site Search stats last week, and learned some things about the stuff that readers search for on Offbeat Bride. (To reiterate, these are not the searches that lead people TO Offbeat Bride — these are the searches people do once they’re already ON Offbeat Bride.) From the chart above, you can see that despite the fact that our traffic since 2009 has increased by 20% – 80% each year, the number of on-site searches have gradually declined. I like to think this is because we’ve made it easier to find content on the site without searching, but that may be optimistic of me.

Anyway, here are the top 20 search terms people have used when searching on Offbeat Bride:

Popular web queries all time

Query Instances
invitations 10688
vows 7891
readings 5317
steampunk 4104
music 3627
hair 3433
halloween 2807
shoes 2729
lesbian 2388
save the date 2257
centerpieces 2189
dress 2087
bouquet 1729
peacock 1675
rings 1611
rockabilly 1473
vintage 1457
beach 1396
favors 1391
elope 1288

It’s fun to break the search terms into categories like logistics (invitations, vows, readings, music), identities (lesbian, steampunk, rockabilly) and themes (peacock, halloween, vintage). Also, I feel like I should code some sort of algorithm from this list to automagically produce Offbeat Bride posts. It would probably save my editors a lot of time.

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  1. I think the clickable tags are so clear that people can just click through those rather than using the search bar.
    Do you have data (or anyway of getting data) about how much people click tags and which of those are the most popular?

    • You’re so welcome. I love dorking out on data, and it’s always more fun to do it together!

  2. Any insight into the peak shape “trend”? It appears that searches skyrocket at a certain point in the year (maybe Jan-Feb?) then slowly decline?

    I love these data posts….such a data nerd…..

    • Even though Offbeat Bride is about nontraditional weddings, we’re still influenced by the more traditional wedding industry timeline — that means a spike during the “engagement season” (Jan – Feb), then solid traffic through July, and then a gentle decline for the rest of the year.

      Our traffic patterns are less dramatic than, say, theknot.com (their traffic very much reflects the wedding industry’s annual flux) but we still see a Jan/Feb spike.

  3. I usually browse on my iPhone and I find it hard to search for topics from there – i generally go to google and type what ever I’m looking for and just add offbeat bride. Then again, maybe there is a totally user friendly iPhone search function and i just cant find it…..

    • With the new mobile templates the search is there in the sidebar — which appears at the *end* of every page. (Since there’s not room to show the sidebar to the side, it wraps beneath the post.)

      Then again, searching Google for offbeat bride [whatever] totally works too.

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