Offbeat Bride’s year-over-year traffic: 80% more visitors in 2012!

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Offbeat Bride's year-over-year stats: visitors up over 80%!

Every month or so, I go into my Google Analytics and do some serious digging around to see how things are looking with the sites.

The big reveal today is that Offbeat Bride is KICKING ASS, with visits up 45%, visitors up 85%, and pageviews up 22%. All awesome — and all pointing to an impending ad rate increase.

But the most insane number to me is looking at referrals, ie websites that direct traffic to the site:

Are you seeing what this graphic is telling you? April 2011, Pinterest sent about 450 hits. April 2012, it sent 35,500 hits — an increase of over 7800%. That shit is fucking insane.

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  1. That shit IS insane! So many times I do random searches and I recognize something from the Empire. Keep up the amazing work!

  2. I have noticed you (as in Offbeat Bride) have really been embracing Pinterest lately and the results are paying off. You all are doing it right!

    • Pinterest became a strategic priority for us late last year, with Offbeat Bride’s assistant editor Catherine Clark (aka Superman) leading the charge and kicking ass!

  3. Awesome numbers, Ariel! FYI: early results from our 2012 reader survey over at DIY Bride are showing that 93% of our readers are using Pinterest to help plan their weddings compared to 81% who’re using wedding blogs (readers are allowed to chose more than one planning source). It’s a small sample size right now since we just released the survey but some the early emerging trends are very interesting.

  4. Congratulations! Those are some outstanding changes

    “That shit is fucking insane.” – I still love that swearing is “allowed”

  5. I totally blame Offbeat Bride for getting me hooked on Pinterest. I can’t believe I waited so long to try it!

  6. BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM!!!! that is awesome. I know i’m doing all I know to do to drive traffic there….<3 🙂

  7. I love looking at the analytics for the Youtube page of the production company I work for. When a video skyrockets, its interesting to see where that came from. Within Youtube’s analytics you can see how many people sat through the entire video or stopped halfway.

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