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Pinterest vs Facebook: how different algorithms encourage different publisher behavior

While both Facebook and Pinterest traffic are hugely important to me, I interact with the two networks very differently. As a publisher, Facebook has me trained like a dog: we post all day, every day on our Facebook page because we see an immediate, real-time traffic boost when our posts go out. Meanwhile, I have very little control over the traffic Pinterest sends, even though I also post there all day every day. So why do I keep pinning?

Offbeat Bride cited as one of “The 30 Most Brilliant Social Media Campaigns of 2014”

Offbeat Bride got a shout out on a list called “The 30 Most Brilliant Social Media Campaigns of 2014,” which is very flattering. As I read the list, I was like “Ooh, which of my amazing social media shenanigans got noticed?” Gloat gloat! How proud I am. Then I got down to our mention in the post, and it’s this:

5 ways to use Pinterest’s Source page to market your business

Have you ever visited Pinterest’s “Source” page for your website? This is the page that displays the most recent pins sourced from your website. You find it by going to[your URL].

I am obsessed with Offbeat Bride’s source page at, and it’s one of my most frequently visited pages. I don’t even visit any more — I’ve bookmarked Offbeat Bride’s source page, and it’s one of the most effective ways I have of marketing my business. Here’s how…

Fucking basil: blowing your goddamn mind

I recently compared the traffic for Offbeat Home & Life with Offbeat Families, and was amazed to see that Offbeat Home & Life has not only caught up to Offbeat Families — but surpassed its traffic pretty significantly with over double the visits.

And you know what’s responsible for most of those visits? FUCKING BASIL.