The Empire's policies: syndicating and attributing content

This post features what used to be an internal document I created for interns, outlining the general guidelines for posting non-original content on the Offbeat Empire. At this point, I don't see any reason why this shouldn't be public — especially since there's a lot of differing opinions about etiquette around these issues.

There's a lot of grey area with this stuff (I've broken my own rules many times — FOR SHAME!), and obviously we can't anticipate every scenario … but hopefully this post provides clarity on our general policies for sharing, linking, citing, etc.


The rapid growth of Pinterest as a referrer

The rise of Pinterest as top referrer has been pretty remarkable to watch. At this point, it's consistently one of the top 5 external referrals to Offbeat Bride on any given day. It still amounts for less than 1% of the site's traffic (it's hard to compete with Google, Facebook, and the mysterious magic of StumbleUpon), but Pinterest's quick ascent from "barely there" to "significant contender" has definitely caught my eye as a publisher.