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18 and 37

So, today’s my 37th birthday. I celebrated last night by doing a reading at the Salon of Shame from my 1993 diary, about losing my virginity in a turqouise lace bra & panty set from Fredrick’s of Hollywood. (Keepin’ it classy!) As I was flipping through the diary, I stumbled across this little cartoon that I drew almost 20 years ago:

Goals circa 1993

If you count the Salon of Shame as a play (which it’s not, but “chronically sold-out comedy reading series that involves a stage” is close enough for me!) then it’s THREE FOR THREE on 37-year-old Ariel having achieved 17-year-old Ariel’s goals.

As I’ve written about before, it’s interesting to me that of all of these, being a publisher is the most rewarding for me. The Ariel Show and The Ariel Book just aren’t as gratifying as helping writers reach million of readers!

It’s something I’ll be prodding at even more this fall, when Stephanie and I are going to team up to publish an Offbeat Mama anthology book. Nothing fancy, but I’m really curious about self-publishing — since I’ve already got the publicity thing covered in-house, there’s no need to go through a traditional publisher. Offbeat Empire LLC can publish AND market that shit. Exciting!

But I’m also starting to wonder: if at 37, I’ve fully achieved the goals I set out for myself at 17, what goals should I set to achieve at 57?

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  1. The Offbeat Empire can become a REAL empire; I’d immigrate. Just promise that you’ll be a just dictator.

  2. I can’t wait to see that book! I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t buy offbeat bride… but I used the website frequently and I’m a lifetime member of the tribe. I would, however LOVE an OffBeat Mama book. I also think it’s something you could republish and update every few years as more stories come in… have OffBeat Mama volumes, even.

    • The book would primarily be for gifting, ie “Hey, pregnant friend! There’s this website you should totally read — here’s a book to remind you of the URL.”

      • Honestly, that’s what I used Offbeat Bride for. “The book is a fun read, but the blog and especially the Tribe will be super useful when you’re planning, so check it out. Oh, here’s the book, it has the url.”

  3. Aw, yeah, 17-year-old Ariel!!!

    Maybe goals that will continue to encourage you to grow and learn, develop new talents?

    I’m studying hand-balancing right now (at 30. with no prior experience in gymnasts or circus training. …i might be crazy.) in a decided effort to force my body and mind to develop new pathways, to avoid becoming habitual.

    Whatever you do, I can’t wait to see it.

    Rock on with your bad self, lady.

    Rock on.

  4. This post got me smiling and feeling good about life. Thank you for being you and doing what you do.

  5. I <3 sleep also! Dig that you've made all your goals come true, I'm in the process of writing down my own goals for the future. Its hard to decide what I want to accomplish but I know I'll get there in the end.

  6. Happy Birthday Ariel! Can’t wait for the OffbeatMama book and I don’t even have kids!

  7. Happy birthday, and congratulations on totally rocking out on your career goals thus far!
    Goal for 57: get the range of hair texture your 17 year-old self clearly dreamed of.

  8. wow – i don’t think i had anywhere near such concrete visions of my future at 17! (or that good of drawing skills!). i think i just wanted to GET OUT of my small town, and be a dancer. so hey! i guess i achieved those goals!

    now that i’m 35, my goals for 55 are still as nebulous (it’s become very apparent that i am not a goal-oriented person): to not only *stay* active but get MORE active(run a half marathon?!), and to not get locked down with another boring long term job, e.g. remain flexibly/independently employed. those don’t seem like quantifiable “goals” but more Quality of Life/qualifiable ideals, but whatevs. i think it’s more important to just always be striving. toward something. anything! and not complacent.

    good on ya! happy birthday!


    I expect nothing less from you!

    And a TARDIS. Definitely a TARDIS.

  10. I have already started tossing the mommas I know…over to Offbeat Momma….because I think they sometimes need to know, that itz ok to raise your little girls on Thundercats. LOL
    Anyways………… <3 🙂

  11. on a sidenote, i wish i had know ANYTHING about what i wanted to do/be/accomplish at 17…i’ve been playing “catchup” ever since. My life didn’t start til maybe 10 yrs ago. And my REAL passions didn’t start til barely 5 yrs ago. 🙂 Ah, journeys. AND yes, can’t wait to see where u go next. I”m inspired by others who just simply walk it out. 🙂 GO FOR IT!

  12. Happy Birthday, Ariel. Thanks for sharing all kinds of life inspiration. I’m excited to take a whack at self-publishing, and your support is the final kick-in-the-ass I needed to get started on achieving chibi-Liz’s goal to be a published author. I wish I had a clever way to express my thanks. 🙂

  13. Happy birthday Ariel! That drawing is GOLD! You’ve always inspired the hell out of me from when you first published your book through your empire building. Also I appreciate your openness with the scenes business stuff on this blog, it is so helpful.

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