20 year goals

So, today's my 37th birthday. I celebrated last night by doing a reading at the Salon of Shame from my 1993 diary, about losing my virginity in a turqouise lace bra & panty set from Fredrick's of Hollywood. (Keepin' it classy!) As I was flipping through the diary, I stumbled across this little cartoon that I drew almost 20 years ago…

Snaps for the week

When I come out of my fog long enough to realize that it's Friday, I remember that the Offbeat Empire meets on Google+ to discuss what's happening on every site. We suggest potential cross-posts to each other, talk about mechanics of the sites, and Ariel updates us on Empire-as-a-whole business. At the end of the meeting, Ariel asks us to share anything we're especially proud of from the previous week. We then snap over the video in long-distance congratulations in lieu of high-fives.

What if you sold headbands?: how to keep your community focused and avoid trying to be everything to everyone

I received an email recently from a reader of Offbeat Bride. She told me she was interested in partnering with me to expand my brand. "Where do you see Offbeat Bride in two years?" she asked. "In five? I'd like to work with you on that level!" It sounded interesting, so I kept reading.

"What if you sold headbands?" her email continued. "I make these headbands, and I'd like to partner with you to sell a custom line exclusively for your readers."