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How to slowly kill a website you love

Last week on Offbeat Home & Life, we published a sponsored post about gender-neutral baby clothes, angled toward the gifts market. Within a couple hours, several readers commented on Facebook and the post itself that the products featured were out of their budgets — which I totally understand and respect. I’m less understanding toward readers feeling the need to post insulting comments when they can’t afford a product.

Offbeat Families traffic 6 months later: it’s all about scandal, sex, and sadness

Here are the site analytics for Offbeat Families, six months after we ceased publication. This traffic is mostly Facebook-driven, and the sad truth is that the posts that seem to do best over there are always the most Jerry Springer-ish…

See it, click it: the follow up

This post I wrote six months ago may be the most important thing I’ve written all year. After we stopped publishing new posts on Offbeat Families in September. Then traffic and revenue then went UP… and it’s all because of shares on Facebook. Content recency is OUT. Content relevancy is IN.

Offbeat Families post-mortem: feels, Facebook, and traffic is UP!?

It’s been almost a month since Offbeat Families published its final new post, and I wanted to share some insights into how things have been going behind the scenes.