The new illustrations are full color, and full awesome

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The new faces of Offbeat Bride are totally up ‘n’ at ’em! Yes, Geeky ended up not quite as big as I might have wanted, and yes, we’ve still got a few tweaks to be made… but we’re almost there!

Again, huge sloppy kisses to the illustrator, Iris Chamberlain. We’ll hopefully be seeing more of Iris’ work in coming months, as it’s my goal to add a new illustration into the rotation once a season or so. (We’re already scheming the next character, likely a blond apple-bodied retro betty with liberty rolls and glasses, rocking a pink tea-length halter-top dress with crinoline.) If you’re curious, here are Iris’ perspectives on creating the characters.

Some of you promised fanfic about these characters, and let’s just say I eagerly await it. If you need a setting, let’s just imagine that Geeky would totally be attending these panels at SteamCon IV next week.

Oh and as long as we’re talking branding, this is just the beginning of Offbeat Empire site rebrands. There are some big changes in the works for both Offbeat Mama and Offbeat Home, too. Not new illustrations, just… you’ll see.

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  1. just an FYI
    on my cellphone (mobile theme) I still see the old faces on the header.
    If I switch to regular theme I get the new gals

  2. I love them. Truly looovvve them. You are right though, you need a bigger one. And one with a tea length dress. And one with naturally curly/kinky hair. And, and…oh this could get to be like pokemon, hehe. Also I like how the first one DID wind up being you. You were the very first OBB ya know?

    • That first bride is totally not me — I’m not Latina, don’t have sleeve tattoos or blue eyes, don’t wear pearls, etc. We DO both have bangs, yes. 😉

      • I didn’t see her as latina. I saw the pink hair (which is definitely modeled on yours) And I was thinking you have tattoos, although I could have been wrong about that. Of course I don’t know the specifics of said body art, never having met you. But I get it, she wasn’t supposed to be you.

        • HA! Yes, perhaps I’m a bit overly emphatic: NOT ME! NOT ME!! NOT MEEEEEEE!!!

          …Not me?

          (Sorry: rough day today. 😉 )

  3. ooh how about some kind of competition where brides can submit their wedding profile to become an inspiration for a new face of offbeatbride?

    • OH HELL NO! We already deal with enough hurt feelings from readers who submit their weddings who don’t get featured. I’m totally not encouraging even MORE competitive vibes by asking people to submit to be the face of Offbeat Bride!

      • doh, never even thought of that!!
        was just thinking of how many awesome weddings and brides I had seen on here and picturing them as cute characters.

    • Have you noticed how big Dapper’s HANDS are? Imagine what Dapper can do with those hands…IMAGINE, DOOTSIE. IMAGINE.

      • Geeky stole a sheepish glance across the room. Her eyes landed on Dapper’s long fingers, tugging at zir suspenders. Geeky flushed, her mind suddenly flooded with images of those hands doing things that made her head swim. She swore to Cthulhu that she would have Dapper’s G+ by the end of the night.

          • Lite is too busy flogging the shit out of someone in her suburban strip-mall dungeon — no time for SteamCon!

  4. I loooove these! So stinking cute!!! Seriously, Dapper makes me want to run out and buy suspenders and a bow tie. GAHHHH.

    Iris you did a wonderful job :D. And (I read your blog post), I totally feel you about people wondering if it is too anime (which is not possible in my opinion!). I had a freelance job that fell through because my style was too anime. SAD FACE, cuz anime is adorbz and awesome! You did such a wonderful job :D.

  5. You know what’s awesome about these? I don’t see myself in any of those ladies. I’m white with conventional style tastes – I see myself in magazines all the time. But I DO see my friends! I roomed with Dapper’s girlfriend in college, Geeky’s a great cook, and Lite just had a baby. So thank you for showing the world how fantastic my friends are!

  6. HA! That “you’ll see” at the end reminded me of the OBB article about the creepy yooouu’ll seeeeeeee’s that engaged couples hear from marrieds everywhere.

    At any rate, the drawings are even better in color! LOVE. THEM.

  7. Have y’all every considered rotating artists as well? Like featuring a different artist every few months? (hint, hint – I’d love to give this a whirl some time too, if you ever consider it. :D)

    • In the interest of visual brand consistency, we’ll be sticking with Iris… but oh man, just for myself (and I’m sure lots of readers) I’d LOVE to see more Offbeat Bride art.

  8. Just thinking about how many of my offbeat clients would make amazing inspiration for these, especially Elsa/Snarkbat with her dinosaurs, dr. Who bouquet and steam punk cane… I can Haz disabled bride icon pls? 🙂

  9. We NEED one of the new ones to be a renaissance festival bride! Possibly with wings or in pirate garb? Oh it needs to happen so bad >.<

    • Yep, as mentioned in the post, the next character is a “blond apple-bodied retro betty with liberty rolls and glasses, rocking a pink tea-length halter-top dress with crinoline.” Blond = WASP!

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