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Rebranding the Empire: let your freak flag fly

We’re slowly rolling a rebrand out across all the Offbeat Empire sites. Here’s a look at the history of our branding, and what went into the new logo.

Meet Offbeat Bride’s newest header character: Fierce

It’s been a year since we introduced a new character to Offbeat Bride’s header, so it’s high time that I introduce you to the newest lady to grace the top of our pages. We call her FIERCE, and you’ll be seeing her in rotation of the header of Offbeat Bride starting tomorrow.

7 totally free Photoshop alternatives for adventures in photo editing

Wearing a lot of hats is one of the major down-sides perks of running a small business. And if you’re jumping into self-promotion and online advertising, “graphic designer” may end up being one of those hats. Here are some totally free editing tools for your banner-making, photo-cropping, and avatar-creating needs so you won’t end up having to use MS Paint.

Your website’s auto-play music may be losing you clients

Business owners and wedding vendors, you know I love you, but I have to get honest with you about something: the auto-play music on your website is NOT cool.