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We’ve entered what I’ve come to think of as “editorial taint week,” the publishing industry perineum between Christmas and New Year’s Day. As mentioned before, we’re doing lighter posting both this week and next week, and our blogging sausage factory has slowed to a sputtering hum instead of its usual slamming thunderous hammering and splorting. We’re working on some perhaps ill-advised dev projects behind the scenes (who’s idea was it to upgrade the Tribe over New Year’s Eve? Oh right: mine), but for the most part things are pretty quiet.

Amusingly, because it’s a slow news week across the Internet, in years past we’ve seen this as the time when mainstream news outlets sometimes pick up Offbeat Bride stories… because what else is there to talk about during taint week besides weird weddings? We’ll see if it happens again this year.

Comments on Taint week

  1. Ariel, if you are going to talk about hammering, slamming and splorting while I’m ovulating, I’m gonna need a reach-around.

  2. Taint – also known as a gooch.

    My sister was so upset when I told her what gooch meant.
    Her address is [Mans name] Gooch Way.

    I laughed so hard

  3. Wait, so if this is taint week
    Christmas Eve = clitoris, perfect for teasing us for what is to come next
    Christmas Day = vagina, an explosion of glory
    This week = taint much happening
    New Years Eve = … Well you either love it or you hate it!!!!!

  4. This loaded slowly on my phone, and I saw the title, and thought “tainted like tarnished, or genitalia?” Then the picture loaded, and my question was answered! Bahaha

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