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When Geeky Met Dapper: the first ever Offbeat Bride fanfic

When we got a probably-joking comment about shipping fanfic written about Offbeat Bride’s header illustrations, you KNOW we were all over that shit. Behold now, the first ever fiction written about our branding…

The new illustrations are full color, and full awesome

The new faces of Offbeat Bride are totally up ‘n’ at ’em! Yes, Geeky ended up not quite as big as I might have wanted, but we’re getting there!

First glimpse at the newest faces of Offbeat Bride

It’s been four years since we last redesigned the header of Offbeat Bride, and while those three ladies (who I thought of as Lite, Gothy, and, well, ME) had a great run, it’s time for some new faces at the top of Offbeat Bride. We’re still in the process of finishing up the illustrations, but I’m too excited about them to keep them a secret any longer, so even though they’re not yet done being inked and colored… HERE THEY ARE!

And here’s some backstory…