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How NOT to pitch a nontraditional wedding blogger a story about engagement rings

As the publisher of a highly-trafficked wedding blog, of course I get a lot of public relations pitches every day. What’s most remarkable about these pitches is how completely and comically off some of them can be. Here’s my big guidance for public relations folks: if you’re pitching a publication, it’s worth taking five minutes to familiarize yourself with that publication’s focus.

The first 5 years of Offbeat Bride

On January 1st, 2007, I wrote a short post announcing the launch of, the promotional website that was supposed to help me sell my silly wedding book.

I wish I could say I had it all planned; that I a strategy for how the website would grow and where the business would go, but I had no fucking clue…

How I engineered a viral post

Recently, a post I wrote about cell phones at weddings went WAY viral, getting shared 43,000 times in one day. It wasn’t an accident. Here’s how I did it.