Why our email newsletters are switching to excerpts

Effective today, Offbeat Bride and Offbeat Home & Life's newsletters will be shifting to include only an excerpt from each post. To read the full post, subscribers will need to click through to the site. This change is going to disappoint some folks and I expect the newsletters will lose a significant number of subscribers. While I don't expect to change anyone's mind about unsubscribing, I did want to share the factors that lead to this decision.


Tough love: are you making these marketing communication mistakes?

I LIKE MARKETING. Done correctly, I strongly believe that it can be helpful, useful information. Done poorly, it's irritating. Done really poorly? It's a form of assault.

My Empire work makes me a target for a lot of marketing campaigns from both small businesses and large corporations alike. Both make marketing mistakes. Here are a few that you can learn from…


Vendor mistakes when submitting to blogs: when is it worth my time to say "no"?

As you might imagine, we get a lot of submissions for Offbeat Bride. The site's editors (Megan, Catherine, and Chris Wolfgang), deal with a steady flow of beauty submitted via all the submission channels described on this page: wedding profile submission forms, our Flickr pool, Two Bright Lights, etc. There are a LOT of ways to submit content to Offbeat Bride, all of which have been set up to keep the at-times-overwhelming flow of content organized, and help to save everyone time — "everyone" including the submitter themselves!