Why do we discourage blog comments on Facebook?

All the Offbeat Empire blogs have corresponding Facebook Fan Pages. Each Page has a feed of posts links that are syndicated from each blog. It's not the entire post, it's just a link to the post on the main blog. This means that if you like reading Offbeat Bride's blog and fan us on Facebook, you'll see a link to new Offbeat Bride posts from your Facebook newsfeed.

This is all awesome.

However, what's LESS awesome is that we can't turn comments off for these syndicated posts.

Wait, you're saying. Aren't comments a good thing? Why aren't you thankful for the comments people are posting on Facebook? Why would you want less comments? OMG SO MANY REASONS.


Why blog commenter over-sharing is ultimately a publisher's problem

Publishing websites dedicated to big life stuff means that we get a lot of blog comments that are extremely personal. I'm not even talking here about the Offbeat Bride Tribe, which is private for exactly this reason — I'm just talking about comments on the blog. Comments that are all out in the open for everyone to read. A few examples of the kinds of over-sharing comments we deal with…


Clean it up, shut it down: how we know it's time to close comments on a post

On certain kinds of posts, my editors can get a serious work out keeping up with shitty comments. After doing this for so many years, I'm pretty good at knowing when a post is going to be controversial, and we make a point to schedule those posts for days when that site's editor can be watching comments like a hawk.

Even so, when the amount of editor time expended removing crappy comments exceeds the number of constructive, respectful comments coming in, that's when posts get down.


Vendor tips: how to get blacklisted from Offbeat Bride's comments

I interact with dozens and dozens of amazing wedding vendors every day, and for the most part, it's an amazing industry filled with inspired, independent, creative, and whip-smart people. Unfortunately, however, there are always a few small business owners who are still playing catch-up when it comes to blog commenting etiquette.


How I deal with flouncing

Ah, the the flounce. The term refers to the almost-comical way that frustrated online community members will stand up and yell, "I'M LEAVING! No really, don't try to stop me! I AM LEAVING. I'm done here. I'm going! I'm never coming back! Did you hear me? I am done with this community! Are you listening? DONE!" Here's how we deal with them on the Empire.