Clicks don't lie: people gravitate toward drama (and who am I to deny them?)

I wrote yesterday about the process of realizing that a community management tool I'd established in 2008 for the Offbeat Bride Tribe was no longer relevant to my community's current needs. In a nutshell: my current community doesn't need high-drama posts filtered. But more importantly, they don't WANT them filtered out.

You know why? Because on a certain level, we all gravitate toward difficult emotions. As one Offbeat Bride Tribe member said…

The cheese stands alone: MY personal favorite comments this week

Usually, each week the Offbeat Empire's editors all gang up and gossip about our favorite posts for the week. Today, however, our staff meeting video conference was running overtime (so much to talk about!), and so we didn't really have time to talk them over all together.

So you know what? I'm flying solo here. These are MY personal favorite comments across the three Empire blogs this week.