PICK ME and other required reading for internet creatives

I've read a bunch of stuff on the internet this past week that I feel compelled to share and discuss.

Frustratingly, I lack the time to actually write thoughtful responses, but my hope is that by sharing them, y'all can benefit, and maybe we can talk about it together.


Clicks don't lie: people gravitate toward drama (and who am I to deny them?)

I wrote yesterday about the process of realizing that a community management tool I'd established in 2008 for the Offbeat Bride Tribe was no longer relevant to my community's current needs. In a nutshell: my current community doesn't need high-drama posts filtered. But more importantly, they don't WANT them filtered out.

You know why? Because on a certain level, we all gravitate toward difficult emotions. As one Offbeat Bride Tribe member said…