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Charte des commentairesAs many of you know, the Offbeat Empire’s comment policy is part of what makes our community different. I wrote a post a few years ago about How to write your blog’s comment policy, and at the end I mentioned that the Empire’s comment policy is Creative Commons licensed… which means anyone can adapt it for their own use.

Well, a few weeks ago a reader in France asked my permission to adapt our policies to use for her site, and of course my answer was YES! So if you’ve ever wondered what a solid comment policy looks like in French, click here.

PS: Posting on Offbeat Empire will be ramping up again next week, once I’ve recovered from my vacation!

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  1. French is my first language and I agree, it is very well translated, hehe. Do you accept comments in other languages than English in any of the Offbeat Empire websites?

  2. As a translator, I’ll say it is well translated and adapted for the most part. However, I would have used “fournisseur” instead of “prestataire”. Unless that’s a difference between France and Quebec of which I was not aware, prestataire is more commonly used for public instances providing a service to the population, rather than someone providing a service with a commercial transaction.

  3. Thanks for this mention Ariel, as well as for the permission to use the comment policy ! 🙂

    @Aldebrana I must say I don’t know all the translation rules since i’m definitely not a translator myself but as French is my native language and i work in the wedding industry here, i can confirm that we do use “prestataire de mariage” to say “wedding vendor”. Maybe an exception to the rule ? 🙂

    • It must be a regional difference. Those a pretty common between France and Quebec French, and some still surprise me. I just thought I’d mention it, just in case. 😉 Good luck with the site!

  4. “PS: Posting on Offbeat Empire will be ramping up again next week, once I’ve recovered from my vacation!”

    Hurray!! I really enjoy the articles here.

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