Why can't I reply to some blog comments?

On the Offbeat Empire sites, we have comment threading — which means you can either add your comment at the bottom of all the comments, or you can respond inline to a particular comment by clicking the "Reply to this comment" link. When you reply to a comment, your response is then nested underneath the specific comment you replied to instead of the end of the comments, creating a little indented sub-thread.

By design, these replies can only nest five responses deep. Any more than that, and all the indentations start to break our page templates and look really freaking bad. On the fifth deep response, there's no reply link.

So, what to do if you want to reply to a fifth reply, and there's no Reply link?


Yay commenters: vibrators, veils, and the visions of children

Every week, the Offbeat Empire's editors gossip about which comments on the sites were our very favorites. Honestly, this was a bit of a rough week for commments on the Empire. Wednesday in particular was somehow a non-stop wave of commenter butthurt across all four of the sites. That said, we still had some twinkling stand-outs from our beloved blog commenters…