Loving euthanizations, difficult moderation, and Facebook schemes: my interview on The New Disruptors

Updated Oct 12 2015

Do you want to listen to me talk for an hour about the Offbeat Empire? Glenn Fleishman interviewed me last week for his podcast The New Disruptors, and you can listen above! I talk about everything from humbling failures to recent commentroversies to my revelations this last year about how I was doing Facebook all wrong. Oh and Metafilter. And putting all your eggs in the Google basket. And how the web keeps me young with its shiny new toys. It's a pretty dense interview, but for those of you who really want to get into the nuances of how I run the Offbeat Empire, feel free to listen in.

Also: this episode of the New Disruptors is sponsored by Cards Against Humanity, which is kind of an awesome product to have made the interview possible.

  1. I LOVED listening to this! I found it so, so fascinating, particularly as someone who is thinking about the future of my career and whether being freelance/working from home is something feasible for me one day. Even just for thinking about how the web moves and works and how to integrate that into my own current work as an academic attempting to get the public to engage with my project! I came to Offbeat Bride to read about weddings a couple of years ago and totally stayed on all the offbeat empire sites for this sort of brilliant and immensely valuable stuff.

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