FUCK YEAH, April Fools

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fuck yeahIn years past, we’ve done whole elaborate April Fools schemes with posts laser-targeted to freak out (and yes, enrage) our readers:

This year, we’re going so subtle that some of you may not even notice.

Just a tiny little text change that only the most engaged of our readers will even notice.

…Find it yet?

Update: April Fool’s is over, so the “FUCK YEAH!” button has returned to it’s standard “THIS!” text. 🙂

Comments on FUCK YEAH, April Fools

  1. I think I found it but I don’t want to spoil it for everyone else… At the risk of being too cryptic or too revealing, is it a font thing?

  2. Please keep the change! I actually busted out laughing and said “that’s awesome!”. It never even dawned on me that it was an April Fools joke – it just seemed so appropriate for the Offbeat Empire.

    • I spent more time than I’d like to admit contemplating what the undo language should be. “Fuck No” sounded too negative though.

      • If it comes up again (next year?), maybe “nevermind”? Or is that too many characters for the button to look right?

  3. I’m not seeing anything….. and here I thought I was a pretty good lurker. guess not.

  4. I saw it, assumed that you’d changed it for reals and went looking on the empire feed for some sort of notification. It must have just changed over as I found no mention what so ever and was quite confused! I was like “ooooh, that may cause some controversy with the super newbies!” and otherwise thought nothing more of it! Hahaha!

  5. Hahaha this is so funny! I came to OBH and then searched through all the offbeat sites looking specifically for the April fools, but I saw the button and thought, “cool!”. It completely went over my head that THAT was the April fool. You fooled me!

  6. I really did think that was a real change! I think I kinda miss it…

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