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Offbeat Bride cited as one of “The 30 Most Brilliant Social Media Campaigns of 2014”

Offbeat Bride got a shout out on a list called “The 30 Most Brilliant Social Media Campaigns of 2014,” which is very flattering. As I read the list, I was like “Ooh, which of my amazing social media shenanigans got noticed?” Gloat gloat! How proud I am. Then I got down to our mention in the post, and it’s this:

Comparing traffic from social media sources… wow, Twitter

I have a pretty good anecdotal idea of how Offbeat Bride’s social media channels perform, but this article prompted me to do a quick audit to see if I could confirm my suspicions that despite 18k followers, Twitter doesn’t really do much for us.

Pulling the numbers not only confirmed that, but blew my mind:

An interview about the evolution of Offbeat Bride’s brand

What is the most surprising way your brand’s identity has changed since the site launch?

Inclusivity. Originally, Offbeat Bride really was targeted to only the most weird couples — but it quickly became clear to me that I was shooting myself in the foot by alienating my more traditional readers. After all, there’s more of them! Why would I limit my business or make people feel bad?

How not to woo clients: insult your potential clientele online

This morning we posted a wedding on Offbeat Bride about a woman who built her wedding outfit using clothing she wore on her first date with her husband. The post immediately went viral on Facebook, garnering a thousand likes and 80k views in a couple hours. Inevitably, there were a ton of comments too, including this one…