Online etymology: is "DERP" ableist?

Oh, DERP. You ridiculous meme. You have replaced words like DUH, DOY, D'OH, and DER in the vernacular of millions, a quick three-letter word to say "That was hilariously stupid of me!" Unfortunately for DERP, there are some people who've used it derisively, using it to mock those with developmental delays or disabilities. Based on these contexts, some people now see the word as offensive.

So, why do you occasionally see the word on Offbeat Empire posts?


Social Justice League

I love that so many people on the internet are committed to encouraging us all to examine our privilege and carefully consider the ways that words have impact. But there are times when I can see it start to slip into a game, and all-too-often the well-intended corrections have an unhealthy amount of white guilt mixed in. There are times when it feels like checking your privilege has become almost a form of performance art for young white people online.


Ignore, delete, try not to engage: one more perspective on dealing with web hate

"There’s this interesting culture of hate on the internet. I don’t know if it’s just that people are angry and feel a relief in releasing their anger online in the form of anonymous online “hate justice” but it’s rough on the receiving end of it. I won’t lie. People seem to think that ugly opinions are the same as constructive criticism and it’s not but there’s no arguing with them about it. They’re not looking for reasons to like you, they’re looking for more reasons to hate you."