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Slacking with the Offbeat Empire: how Slack turned my inbox into the happiest ghost town

Slack is a productivity tool for remote workers. It’s sorta like a chat room, but jacked up on steroids, coming up on of three hits of ecstasy, and wearing one of those hippie utility belts packed with swiss army knives, your favorite kind of gum, chapstick, a wrench, and two-sided tape. I started being like, “Wait, why am I not using this yet?”

This crushing silence: shit I do to recover from a Big Meaty Project

A colleague posted recently about dealing with “the period of quiet after the (lovely) storm.” As entrepreneurs and small business folk, we work ourselves into a lather reaching big goals we set out for ourselves and … then what?

Rather than hijack Meg’s comments with a longwinded response, I thought I’d collect my thoughts here. And so I present to you: Shit I do when I’m recovering from a major project!