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“Hi, can you help me exploit your content?”

This morning, we published a post on Offbeat Bride featuring some amazing Disney centerpieces. My editors hope every post does well, but there are certain posts that due to a combination of factors, we suspect might do a little extra well. Today our hunch was right, because within a few hours I got this email from a writer at Buzzfeed…

How to report a photo on any Offbeat Empire site that shouldn’t be there

My editors work hard to ensure that we only use photos on the site that we have full permission and licensing to use. We’ve had solid attribution policies in place since 2011, and tend towards the obsessive when it comes to crediting photographs. Sometimes, however, despite our best efforts and intentions, things go wrong.

Getting real about wedding photography: this job is ridiculously hard, and burn-out is real

I recently did something at a wedding that I hadn’t done in years — I photographed it. I tagged along as second shooter for my co-worker and awesome wedding photographer Stephanie Kaloi. And it reminded me of why I quit shooting weddings… and basically shooting anything ever.

I used to love photography. But shooting weddings pretty much killed that passion.

Comparing blog placement results: sponsored post vs. editorial feature

When we talk to vendors about doing sponsored posts, we often hear them say that they don’t want to do a posts that’s sponsored — they’d rather be featured in “real” editorial content, in the form of a wedding porn photo posts. So, here’s the question: from a vendor’s perspective, which kind of post performs better?