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Why we’re retiring the term “Offbeat Lite”

Over the years, much digital ink has been spilled on the phrase “Offbeat Lite,” the term I jokingly started using back in 2007. Over the years, the phrase has slowly lost its editorial value as a taxonomical term… to the point where we’re now officially retiring it.

“I’m weird for being normal”: the reverse discrimination fallacy

I’ve written about “othering,” and how in an online community where many people define themselves by their non-normativeness, it can be really weird to suddenly be part of the majority.

However, I’ve never dedicated a post to what I call the reverse discrimination fallacy… where community members allow themselves to feel marginalized because they’re in the majority.

When Geeky Met Dapper: the first ever Offbeat Bride fanfic

When we got a probably-joking comment about shipping fanfic written about Offbeat Bride’s header illustrations, you KNOW we were all over that shit. Behold now, the first ever fiction written about our branding…