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There but for the grace of pageviews go I: where blogging and my business are going

Last week, I sent an email to all the Offbeat Empire staffers with the subject line: Required reading. The email contained a link to this post: State of the blog union: how the blogging world has changed. This post was written six months ago, but whatever: it’s a big fucking deal. It spawned this enormous post.

Does reading via RSS “rob” pageviews from a publisher?

I’m a religious follower via Feedly, but only click through if I want to comment. How does something like Feedly count in the Offbeat Empire’s pageviews, etc.? Am I essentially robbing you of a pageview by reading the full article in my reader?

Things I wish I had known when starting out: finances & taxes

A reader said: “Would you consider doing an article about the financial and/or tax aspect of being self employed? Or maybe a ‘Things I wish I had known when starting out’ type article?” Here’s my advice…

Clicks don’t lie: people gravitate toward drama (and who am I to deny them?)

I wrote yesterday about the process of realizing that a community management tool I’d established in 2008 for the Offbeat Bride Tribe was no longer relevant to my community’s current needs. In a nutshell: my current community doesn’t need high-drama posts filtered. But more importantly, they don’t WANT them filtered out.

You know why? Because on a certain level, we all gravitate toward difficult emotions. As one Offbeat Bride Tribe member said…