Social Justice League

I love that so many people on the internet are committed to encouraging us all to examine our privilege and carefully consider the ways that words have impact. But there are times when I can see it start to slip into a game, and all-too-often the well-intended corrections have an unhealthy amount of white guilt mixed in. There are times when it feels like checking your privilege has become almost a form of performance art for young white people online.


Editorial diversity hacks: is tokenism ever ok?

Here's a sad reality: 90% of the content submissions we receive to the Offbeat Empire's websites feature young, white, able-bodied heterosexual Americans. When we go out and actively recruit more diverse content for the sites, is that tokenism? And is that kind of tokenism ok if it's increasing the media visibility of minority communities?


Is the name of the Offbeat Bride Tribe "problematic and frankly racist"?

Since monthly readership of the Offbeat Empire sites is over 300,000 people, it's to be expected that we'd receive a fair number of reader complaints. Sometimes, these complaints are truly educational (I had no idea that the Society of Professional Journalists had voted to replace the phrase "illegal immigrant" with "undocumented immigrant" until a reader emailed me about it) and other times they're ludicrous (Offbeat Bride's hilarious "motherfuckergate" comes to mind here). I've written about this before, but this last week I had a especially challenging reader complaint.

Facets of editorial diversity

As Publisher, one of my jobs with each of the sites (and with the network as a whole) is to look at content from a meta-level. I spend a lot of time looking into the content of the sites like tea leaves, trying to ensure there's a range of diversity.

I don't just mean ethnic diversity here (soooo many smiling white people on the internet!), although of course that too. But for each site, there are whole palettes that have to be balanced. For example for Offbeat Mama, I look at not only ethnic diversity, but also…