Pros Before Bros: My self-funded MFA publishing/art experiment

WTF is Pros Before Bros? This is an self-publishing experiment. A proof of concept. A self-directed MFA project. A chance for me to take risks with my writing, after 12+ years of being a service writer who's made her living publishing stuff like "5 ways to bla your bla, to better bla bla your bla bla." An exercise in collaboration with other women-owned businesses. An exploration of the intimacy between readers and an author. A playground for me to fiddle with concepts of tangibility, valuation, packaging, and artist process.


Offbeat Resilience: Rebounding From Life's Shitty Set-Backs

A couple months back, I mentioned I was working away on trying to sell my second book, ONWARD. The first draft of the book was completed, but a series of literary agents and publishers all had the same feedback: you can't sell this particular book, in this particular format.

So I hired a familiar face to help me rework it into a better format…