My incredibly complex SEO strategy

Of Offbeat Bride's 500,000 unique monthly users ("unique users" being an analytics term, although my users ARE very unique in a more general sense), about come to the site from a search engine.

So the question then becomes, what incredibly brilliant SEO strategy did I use to get traffic like this?

Here's my answer…


Tough love: are you making these marketing communication mistakes?

I LIKE MARKETING. Done correctly, I strongly believe that it can be helpful, useful information. Done poorly, it's irritating. Done really poorly? It's a form of assault.

My Empire work makes me a target for a lot of marketing campaigns from both small businesses and large corporations alike. Both make marketing mistakes. Here are a few that you can learn from…


The rapid growth of Pinterest as a referrer

The rise of Pinterest as top referrer has been pretty remarkable to watch. At this point, it's consistently one of the top 5 external referrals to Offbeat Bride on any given day. It still amounts for less than 1% of the site's traffic (it's hard to compete with Google, Facebook, and the mysterious magic of StumbleUpon), but Pinterest's quick ascent from "barely there" to "significant contender" has definitely caught my eye as a publisher.


One more reason why I don't do giveaways Empire blogs

We stopped doing giveaways on all the Empire blogs a couple years back because they were a huge pain in the ass to administer, they made my websites somehow liable for other people's products, they gummed up our commenting systems, and weren't really of any lasting value in terms of traffic or promotions. But I just learned there's another reason why I'm glad we don't do them…