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Comparing traffic from social media sources… wow, Twitter

I have a pretty good anecdotal idea of how Offbeat Bride’s social media channels perform, but this article prompted me to do a quick audit to see if I could confirm my suspicions that despite 18k followers, Twitter doesn’t really do much for us.

Pulling the numbers not only confirmed that, but blew my mind:

Want to get a publisher’s attention on social media? Don’t make these 4 social media marketing mistakes

So you’re a wedding photographer. Or a wedding planner. Or a florist. And you have something that you think your favorite wedding blog might love — a photo from a recent wedding! A new product you just released! A promotion you’re getting the word out about! You turn to your favorite form of social media (Facebook! Twitter! Instagram!) and you get ready to make your pitch to your favorite publisher.
Now stop for a second.