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Does reading via RSS “rob” pageviews from a publisher?

I’m a religious follower via Feedly, but only click through if I want to comment. How does something like Feedly count in the Offbeat Empire’s pageviews, etc.? Am I essentially robbing you of a pageview by reading the full article in my reader?

See it, click it: the follow up

This post I wrote six months ago may be the most important thing I’ve written all year. After we stopped publishing new posts on Offbeat Families in September. Then traffic and revenue then went UP… and it’s all because of shares on Facebook. Content recency is OUT. Content relevancy is IN.

How do you follow

I want to understand a little bit more about how y’all are following posts here on (note the URL: I’m specifically interested in — not the other offbeat sites)…

See it, click it: getting over my RSS/old school blogger brain

I’ve talked a lot about my love of RSS. RSS is the outgrowth of a content logic that’s very much in-line with my old school blogger brain: show me all the posts, with the most recent at the top. I started blogging in 2000 (aww, look!), and that’s just how my brain works: the most recent stuff is the most important. When it comes to how I think about content, it’s basically the homepage of a blog. Most recent = most important, and then everything else is listed beneath in descending order of recency. That’s how I read everything. That’s how I think about everything. That’s how my editorial brain works.

I’ve become increasingly aware however that, thanks to the popularity of Facebook and Pinterest, that’s not how many Offbeat Empire readers think about content. These two social media tools are changing the way my readers learn about our posts, and as I adapt to the shift, it’s changing the way I think about social media broadcasting and my editorial strategy.