Let's talk about the business goals and content strategy of offbeatempire.com

While offbeatbride.com and offbeathome.com are monetized to the heavens, the blog at offbeatempire.com has never been heavily monetized. We experimented for a while a couple years ago with B2B content, but the Empire blog has settled into being more of communications/public relations behind-the-scenes situation. Blog posts on offbeatempire.com are a luxury item — since they don't make money, they're not a huge business priority when other stuff needs my attention.

This in mind, I've shifted the structure of the offbeatempire.com homepage. Let's talk about it!

Warm fuzzies from readers

Back when I used to edit a magazine in the '90s, I used to get actual paper letters to the editor. (PAPER! MAILED!) These letters were some of my favorite things in the world…

15 years later, I still get the warmest fuzziest feelings from these messages, although no one really calls them "Letters to the editor" any more.