HOLY SH!tB@ALLS and editorial meeting re-enactments

Oh hi. Wait, what? It's summer, which means my postings here on the Empire get a little sparser because I'm, you know, actually leaving the house sometimes to go for walks or go camping or take selfies or whatever. BUT! This week I made staffers promise that we'd do favorite comments, because they're fun and ridiculous.


Favorite comments: the second most magical place on earth, poop, and MORE

Another week of Offbeat Empire comments, and another week of dramatic interpretations by Offbeat Empire staff! This week we have the debut video from Offbeat Bride's newest editor, Chris Wolfgang. (She's the one who produces the pretty posts in our wedding porn category — you may remember her "peacock wet dream" reference this week?) Also in attendance via video this week: the Managing Editor of Offbeat Bride and Offbeat Home & Life, Megan; as well as Caroline, our copyeditor, assistant editor of Offbeat Home, and resident Mistress of the Dark; and me.

Favorite comments this week: 39th birthday edition

Ok, ok! I know it's been forever since we've done favorite comments, but I'm going to make it worth the wait by doing more video staff interpretations of our favorite comments. Also, it's my birthday, and all my editors gave me the gift of wearing lipstick for our staff meeting this morning (dudes, when you work from home, that is an AMAZING GIFT!) so you get to see everyone looking extra fancy.

WE HEART YOU: our favorite comments on the Empire this week

You guys! It's Valentine's Day, and for those of us who like culture jamming, this means very little about romance or boyfriends/girlfriends/zefriends and means very MUCH about arts & crafts, red & pink, and showering everyone we know with our affection. So, in honor of this this day of editor-on-reader LUV, please excuse us while we collectively ovulate all over y'all with our favorite sexy-pants comments from our favorite sexy-pants readers…