Forums are dying

For the last four years, the Offbeat Bride Tribe's traffic has been in decline.
Across the web, forums are dying as we all increasingly default to social media like Facebook. What does this mean for the future of the Tribe?

Testing new mobile-friendly template

I'm working with our new contract dev (hi, Kellbot!) today to test our new mobile-friendly template here on the offbeatempire.com, so if you're browsing via mobile, you might notice some big changes (and significant bugs). We're working through some fixes on the web and mobile templates over the next couple days, so give us a while for the dust to settle. Once we've got things cleaned up, I'll be taking bug reports… and once things look solid on offbeatempire.com, we'll be rolling the new templates out across the Empire.

Our mission-critical WordPress plugins

It's no secret that I bet the farm when I built the Offbeat Empire on WordPress. My developer, Jennifer M. Dodd, suggested way back in 2006 that we tap into WordPress's open source platform and a big part of that was the active plugin development community around WordPress.

In the years since, we've tested out hundreds of plugins. Some of them have become mission critical — to the point where I literally couldn't do business without them. Others of them, unfortunately, have been so poorly coded that Jennifer has scolded me for installing them on our server. (ACK! That's the risk with open source code…)

In the interest of spreading the awesomeness around, here are the plugins that the Empire literally could not function without: