"Show It" technology: the non-monetary bonus of an offbeat affiliate account

Updated Oct 12 2015 (Posted Nov 21 2011)

As you may or may not know, everyone in the Empire has their own Amazon affiliate account, which means, if someone purchases something on Amazon.com through our affiliate links, we not only get a tiny percentage of the purchase, but we also get to see what they have purchased. Now, we can't see WHO purchased WHAT, but that doesn't matter — I really delight in the truly random crap that shows up every now and then. Wanna see some of my favorite things purchased by Offbeat Bride readers?

This is my recent favorite: Andrew Christian men's super mesh thong with show it technology. "With show it technology"!!! That delights me to no-end. Whoever bought this just won my heart.

Keep reading for more things with less crotch in them…

YES to whomever bought this Ghostbuster's costume, complete with proton pack.

Oh wait, there's one more crotch: "Cowboys Favorite faux jeans and chaps lounge pants for men." My favorite part is the totally random photo of wildflowers on the Amazon page. WTFs abound.

In awesome nerd news: They make Rebel Alliance car decals!

Someone bought a 5 pound bag of Gummy Bears. Now that's not the weird part — I'm assuming they were for wedding favors… or for a person who REALLY freaking loves them some Gummy Bears. But what WAS weird was that the photos on the Amazon listing introduced me to the Gummy Bear Desk:

Gummy bears have recently been a staple in our office. One of the guys on my team was out on vacation, so we decided to commemorat­e his return by gummy bearing his desk.
All in all, we used about 5 bags (25lbs) of the stuff to finish the job. Minus a few that were taste tested for quality control and/or subjected to microwave experiment­s.

I …. have no clue. Healing Rhythms from the Wild Divine Project (Biofeedback Software and Hardware for PC and Mac). Whatever it is it looks space-agey and cool though.

Singing toilet paper. Oh, Offbeat Hoooomies! I know you want THIS on your wishlist!

This backwards watch was totally random if not really cool.

I love learning about this stuff. Who knew there were these cool Cat in the Hat hat cutouts? Well now I do, and now you do too! The same person also bought Thing 1 and Thing 2 hair cutouts. And look how cool these things are when used at a Dr Seuss kid's birthday party!

Someone purchased these sushi bandaids, which lead me to discover the world of WTF bandaids, including toast, bacon, blinging, pickle and Jesus bandaids. Seriously.

Today I saw this grazing muzzle in the recent purchases and I was just floored by the truly random shit that I get to see. Whoever bought this is one lucky person. I want a pony!

Okay, who bought these hidden reindeer socks and can we be best friends?

Are you kidding me with this title!? "Captain Underpants and the Big, Bad Battle of the Bionic Booger Boy, Part 2: The Revenge of the Ridiculous Robo-Boogers" is by far the best thing I've ever read in my life (and I'm just talking about the title, not the actual book… which I haven't read… yet).

I reeeeeeeally hope someone bought this to wear at their wedding!

I've always thought that Eiffel tower would make a great weapon and now look — a replica of the Eiffel tower that is also a dagger! So, of course, I immediately added it to my roundup of offbeat cake knives.

Now, wanna see the most expensive item anyone's ever bought from my account?

This Powell Pennfield kitchen island! I got a whopping $57.33 for this baby. Thank you, anonymous kitchen remodeler!

For those of you who are interested in using your Amazon purchases to help support your favorite Offbeat Empire editors, you could always click on any of our affiliate links (featured on all four sites) and, you know, feel free to buy things to your hearts content. And every once in a while you should throw something weird in the mix to make us happy! 🙂

    • You are MORE than welcome. These things all made ME really happy, I figured I should spread the magic WTF-ery. 😉

  1. Did not know about how this worked with giving you guys funds too. So from now on, when I do amazon stuff, I will go through the links so I can help fund ^_^

    PS. that kitchen island is amazing. I want! Second…I really want the dagger actually. Handy to keep by the bed for those late night zombie attacks! haha

  2. Oh hey, if you don't know about biofeedback, check that shit out. I've used it re my chronic pain issue, and it's really fascinating how you can see your body's response to things — and even learn how to control those responses (sometimes).
    I have no idea if this hardware/software is any good, and it looks a little sketchy (especially since the office models for biofeedback stuff are majorly pricy) particularly since it's couched in woo-woo imagery, and biofeedback is actually super sciencey…

  3. I've given sushi bandaids as a gift and own Jesus bandaids (I study religion, I couldn't resist). And I also want those socks!

    • I actually gave the tattoo bandaids as a gift because of that purchase! And also — seriously those socks are amazing!

  4. Interesting tidbit about Captain Underpants: some of the books in that series have been banned for being too vulgar for their target age group. I had to read one for a course on children's literature and while I don't think it was ban-worthy I wasn't too jazzed by it at all. Too many fart jokes for my liking.

  5. I am pretty sure I own that book!!!! I got it at one of my schools book fairs when it came out!!! Btw. LOVEE the socks, life is too short to wear boring socks!!! 🙂

  6. I just had to share my tuxedo shirt story. I coach a soccer team of 18 year old boys and they opted to use them as their soccer jersey's this year. Totally freakin awesome!! I have pictures.

  7. Totally not meant as a criticism, but wasn't this post (or one VERY similar) already floating about the Empire? I only ask because it is now driving me crazy trying to find it.

    • I've done posts in the past about Offbeat Bride readers favorite shoes, based on the styles that people have bought via my affiliate links. That might be what you're thinking of?

  8. We had a guest wear a tuxedo shirt to our wedding and it was pretty much my favourite thing!

  9. I'm sticking a bunch of amazon stuff on my baby registry, how can I make sure my registry links go through offbeat empire affiliates so you guys can take a tiny slice of the amazon profits pie?

    • OOH, that's super thoughtful of you, Mich. I'd say if you want to do that, the easiest way is to stick "tag=offbeatbrid0a-20" at the end of the Amazon url.

      For example the link to this skull pacifier would be: "http://www.amazon.com/Personalized-Pacifiers-Skull-Pacifier-Black/dp/B004NISGUG/tag=offbeatbrid0a-20"

      This is totally going above and BEYOND for the Empire. We are so lucky to have readers like you!

      • If it wasn't for the empire I'd probably be stuck registering for boring traditional baby crap because I didn't know as much cool baby stuff existed til I started reading offbeat families!
        You've all been a part of my life from planning my wedding onwards so why not try to give a little bit back!

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