Schemes for 2015 Lovesick Expos (and musings on business partnerships)

January and February 2014 were super exciting crazy times for the Offbeat Empire, with a year of schemes culminating in the six Lovesick Expos nationwide. There was a obscene amount of planning that went into the Offbeat Bride/Lovesick Expo partnership, and it was one of the most complex business partnerships I've ever launched. Making this leap was a very intentional choice I made both for business reasons and personal reasons…

Lovesick Expos: 2 down, 4 to go

Whew. You know how Offbeat Bride is co-producing the Lovesick Expos this year? Well, they kicked off this past weekend and in two days, I talked to roughly 1000 people. For a lady like me whose life mostly revolves around sitting quietly in front of a screen working from a corner of my bedroom, it was pretty mind-boggling. (And amazing!)

XOXO Festival: reconciling my two industries

Last fall, I spoke in Las Vegas at Wedding MBA, the largest educational event dedicated to the business side of the wedding business. This fall, I attended XOXO Festival, a tiny conference in Portland, OR for people who make things online. The two experiences were vastly different, and clarified for much for me about the two worlds I divide my time between, and my role in each of them.

This post is long and rambly, but if you're in the mood, come along for the dawdle…