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offbeat bride comments 100kToday I noticed that Offbeat Bride has officially crested 100k comments. The site is two weeks away from it’s 9th launch anniversary (!?!), so I guess that averages to about 11k comments a year.

Now we all know that blog commenting has changed a LOT since Facebook came onto the scene. Online, people have been asking for ages if blog commenting is dead, and it certainly has changed dramatically. Like, whoa.

That said, I’ve written before about the ways in which blog commenting has gotten better in the last couple years:

I’m also seeing that our new Open Threads are being pretty cool. We’re still experimenting with the new format, but it’s cool to have a more open line of dialog with readers.

So, here’s to Offbeat Bride’s 100k comments… here’s to 100k more!

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  1. No hurry, but could we try an open thread on Offbeat Home after you’ve worked the kinks out on Bride?

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