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Don’t be that guy: why wedding vendors shouldn’t publicly rant about work

Every once and while, a wedding vendor will perhaps forget that Offbeat Bride isn’t an industry publication. Every once and a while, we’ll get ranting, vitriolic comments from vendors about how stupid brides are, how little couples understand about what vendors do, how this one time this one couple did this totally awful thing, how they want to strangled a certain mother of the bride, etc etc etc.

But wedding industry friends, for the good of your business: don’t be that guy.

How to make sure you eat when you’re working a wedding

Something that we all see come up time and time again on Offbeat Bride are questions about feeding wedding vendors: when should it happen? Is it something that’s expected? How can vendors make sure it’s understood that they are human beings and need food while working an 8-12 hour day?

How to talk to (and about) your clients when their gender identities are complex

Gender identities are complex, and the words we use to talk about gender are constantly evolving. Whether or not you spend a lot of time in a gender-ambiguous world, as a business-owner, you need to know that it’s important to be aware of the different ways people can gender identify, and that it’s even more important to respect those identities. It’s not always easy to discern someone’s gender identity by sight, so here are three different ways I’ve gone about determining how my clients identify in a subtle, respectful way…

Stay short, punchy, and natural: 7 ways to stay motivated to blog on your small business site

Small businesses looking to grow their website traffic (and who isn’t?) know that frequent, relevant content is one of the big ways to keep Google wanting more and thinking you are the shit. Seach engines go batty for content updates, and stagnation is a traffic killer. So what can you do to keep the pixels shaking? Blogging on your business site, natch!