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How we do stock photography

Can you run-down how you guys handle posting your stock photos for each site? I know you use Creative Commons most of the time, but what are your criteria for picking photos? Do you maintain a database of photos that you think might work with future articles, just to cut down on time, or do you search and hope for the best?

The Empire’s policies: syndicating and attributing content

This post features what used to be an internal document I created for interns, outlining the general guidelines for posting non-original content on the Offbeat Empire. At this point, I don’t see any reason why this shouldn’t be public — especially since there’s a lot of differing opinions about etiquette around these issues.

There’s a lot of grey area with this stuff (I’ve broken my own rules many times — FOR SHAME!), and obviously we can’t anticipate every scenario … but hopefully this post provides clarity on our general policies for sharing, linking, citing, etc.