Ning Tribe taken offline 5 weeks earlier than expected

So, I had it on my calendar: Old Ning Tribe account expires 10/1/2012. Then today it came to my attention that no, actually the final date Ning had on the account was this weekend. This means Ning took the old Tribe offline as of today.


Bootstrapping, Tribesmaids, and earning back a $10,000 investment

For those who aren't familiar with internet start-up talk, "bootstrapping" refers to a business that doesn't take on any investment capital. As Wikipedia explains, "Such startups fund the development of their company through internal cash flow and are cautious with their expenses."

The Offbeat Empire is a bootstrapped company. I started it with money out of my own pocket, and have never taken on any investment dollars or venture capital. This means that by necessity, the Empire always has to function in the black — simply put, the company has to be profitable, because there is no other money other than the money coming in.

For the most part, I love bootstrapping…but sometimes it's hard, and the Offbeat Bride Tribe's migration earlier this year was one of those times.

"What's a URL?" and other surprising things we learned about Tribe members

Migrating the Tribe from Ning to Tribe 2.0 has been one heck of a learning process. Ariel mentioned this before, but I cannot stress how much work has happened on the back end of things while we figure out what we're doing.

A big part of this has been learning from our members. We mods and Empire staff are pretty technologically inclined and at least some of us are old enough (and techy enough) to have experienced the early internet. So we remember how things used to be (anyone else remember frames? or building a website straight from code? or the internet before Google and Facebook?). Also, because we all work with websites, we have a particular set of knowledge relating to the webz.

Many of our members, however, are primarily in their early 20s (so sayeth the reader survey!) and while they may use the internet frequently, a lot of aspects of the interwebz seem to be misunderstood or just off their radar.