Hey, I'm Ariel, the founder of the Offbeat Empire, author of some books, and publisher of offbeatbride.com and offbeathome.com. I run a series of author events called Offbeat Ada's, where I host a fellow author for a discussion at The Lab At Ada's Technical Books, a really lovely space on Capitol Hill.

Capacity at The Lab is about 40 people, and the darkly appointed, deeply stylish space has a full bar. The structure of the events are 30ish minutes of conversation between the author and me, and then 30-40 minutes of Q&A with the audience. Events are ticketed with two tiers: book+reserved seat or just a reserved seat.
The space, booze, format, and ticketing all combine to make these events feel a bit more special than just a typical in-store book event.

Upcoming events:

I'm getting my 2019 series lined up as we speak.

Past events:

Author Jasmine Silvera in conversation about diversity and feminism in the romance genre.

I've spoken with some truly amazing writers, including folks like…

You can get a feel for past events from these archived Facebook livestreams: