Attention business owners: don't force people to use the phone

Because most of my readers are Millennials, and most Millennials hate talking on the freaking phone. (At 37, I'm firmly a member of Gen X, but even *I* hate talking on the freaking phone!) If you want to talk to us on the phone before buying an ad, then chances are you want to talk to potential clients on the phone to sell them your services… and chances are our readers aren't going to want to talk to you, and they're not going to become one of your clients, and nobody wins. It's just not a good fit.

Offbeat wedding market lesson #3: Offbeat Brides just wanna have fun

Here we are on day 3 of my week-long series about the market research released by Liene Stevens of Think Splendid about the nontraditional wedding market. All week, I'll be putting on my demographer's hat and highlighting five unique aspects of the nontraditional wedding market. Today? Let's talk about what nontraditional couples really want their weddings to be.