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How to submit photos to wedding blogs: 6 secrets from a wedding blog editor to help YOUR photography get noticed

If you’re a wedding pro looking to get your work featured on Offbeat Bride, here are some tips to give your submission the best chance of standing out and bubbling up to become a feature.

Small business mercy killing: When to euthanize a project

Fall of 2010, I launched the Offbeat Bride Vendor Directory, which was immediately one of the biggest business successes I’ve ever had, grossing over $20,000 the month it launched. Listing vendors reported great results (some getting inquiries within hours of their listings being published), and readers loved that they could finally easily view vendors in their area via a big clickable map.

Excited by the success of Offbeat Bride’s Vendor Directory, last year I propagated the directory concepts to both Offbeat Mama and Offbeat Home.

They didn’t work, SO I KILLED THEM.

Vendor tips: how to get blacklisted from Offbeat Bride’s comments

I interact with dozens and dozens of amazing wedding vendors every day, and for the most part, it’s an amazing industry filled with inspired, independent, creative, and whip-smart people. Unfortunately, however, there are always a few small business owners who are still playing catch-up when it comes to blog commenting etiquette.